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There is no doubt that April has a cute look to her as a London escort. Her chubby cheeks are the perfect attribute for any escorting session too. Elite escorts are becoming more popular because of their special style. April is waiting to make a name for herself in the industry. The London escort is working her way within a competitive group of fashion fans. These London escorts are important and respected for their unique sense of style too.

She enjoys wearing a variety of dresses that are now going in style. Men appreciate her seducting body in dresses she likes to wear. That should keep people interested in the unique style that she exudes. Her blue eyes are a special aspect of the London escort that needs to be seen. She is a great addition to any group of elite escorts. These London party girls are becoming more popular each year with most people. They have attracted their fair share of attention given their great skill set too.

Talk to April and get to know more about her over time. She is a worthwhile addition to a catalog of London escorts now working. These elite escorts are more popular than ever with industry insiders. Join up with other men who want to spend time with her. They are working to schedule a date soon.

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